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We know that as a business, your customers are extremely important. And when your business is trained on the dangers of sex trafficking, you have the power to protect your customers if they are victims and/or potential victims of sex trafficking.

Our training gives you the ability to spot victims of sex trafficking or potential victims who are being groomed for sex trafficking. The Set Me Free Project training can help you protect, not only your customers, but your employees.

Sponsors receive free trainings in house training, and exclusive access to online training, webinars, and information.

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The Set Me Free Project, a nonprofit organization, was formed after learning about the horrors of human trafficking. Human trafficking is defined as a form of modern-day slavery and the force, fraud, or coercion of a human being for the personal profit and gain of another, with the trafficked individual having limited freedoms and receiving little to no pay or compensation. It is now the second fastest growing crime (only second to the drug trade) globally and is a $150 billion business (including sex and labor trafficking). 

When The Set Me Free Project was made aware of the lack of prevention education in the Nebraska communities about sex trafficking, we decided to fill that need, serving individuals regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or gender, because we know that every member of our community is a potential victim. Our desire is to reach as many facets of the community and as many people as possible and to stop trafficking before it starts.

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Protect your most valuable asset – your customers and employees.

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To maximize the participation of your employees at each of your locations, please attach a list containing location names, titles, address, city, state, ZIP+4, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for those covered in this sponsorship. Please email the list to info@setmefreeproject.net.