Youth And Young Adult Prevention Education

My Name is Valuable

Although there are many wonderful organizations in our community dedicated to combating trafficking, The Set Me Free Project is unique in our approach and perspective – using interactive, age appropriate curriculum focused on not only defining human trafficking, but also on helping students identify why and how they could be at risk, as well as providing a foundation for all students, regardless of age, to recognize the intrinsic value in every human being.

Our curriculum has been used throughout Nebraska and Iowa, as well as many other school districts and communities.  We can facilitate presentations in a classroom setting (preferred) or a group assembly style, and each presentation can be tailored to your school and students.

Topics covered include:

  • Elementary School students (3-5th grades)
    • Empathy, Responsibility, and Safety – Real World and Online
  • Middle School students (6-8th grades)
    • Social media safety, cyber-bullying, media influence, body image/empowerment, and self-image and value.
  • Middle School students (7-8th grades)
    • Sex Trafficking – Youth presentation
  • High School students
    • Sex Trafficking – High School presentation
  • Adults
    • Sex Trafficking – presentations available for communities, parents, educators, health care services, finance, social services, and more!

The Set Me Free Project understands that when we bring prevention education to youth and families, traffickers lose their power. We are available to come to your schools, youth groups, and communities. As we provide information to students, youth, parents, leaders, and educators, we empower our children and young adults to value themselves and protect them from the evils of trafficking.

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