What People Are Saying About The Set Me Free Project!

I have heard several presentations concerning human trafficking but Stephanie’s presentation is the best.  As a Grandmother of five grandchildren, ages 2 through 9. I believe Stephanie’s approach to address the situation, by education, before it becomes a problem, is the best approach. I was very impressed with Stephanie’s presentation.     Priscilla Falke

I have been to two of Stephanie’s awareness presentations for human trafficking.  She is a very energetic, personable speaker who easily engages her audience. She is extremely knowledgeable concerning trafficking.  The subject matter is very sobering but she has a way of adding humor while still getting the point clearly presented. Stephanie easily adapts her presentation to what type of audience she is speaking to; parents or students.  She is an excellent awareness advocate for education, to prevent trafficking.     Debbie Bordovsky

We just received this email from a middle school teacher! This is why we do what we do. If we are not in your schools call your administration and have them invite us. Your kiddos are worth it!
Subject: Just thought you would like to know…


At the end of the quarter, I always have my students do a little reflection. One of the things I ask them is “what will you take from this class and apply to your real life?” Below are some of the comments that a few students wrote:


I am going to be cautious about talking to strangers due to human trafficking and I turned off my location.
After the guest speaker came I went through all of my social media
I will turn off my location settings on Instagram
I applied the blocking people I don’t know.
From the media discussion I turned off my location services and made my Instagram private
When we had the guest speakers I went home and rechecked all my social media
I applied learning about the media to my life by turning off my location services and blocking people I don’t know.
I went home and blocked 60 people I didn’t know and turned off location services.

Just thought you might like to know that your message is working and kids are listening.


Thanks for all you do and looking forward to seeing you in December!