How Can I Help?


What can I do?
We hear about the horrors of human trafficking and cry at the sad videos,
but what can one person do to help stop human trafficking?
We would like to provide you with a list of practical ways you can help.

Pray. There is no more powerful weapon than prayer! Pray for those who are victims of trafficking, pray for legislation to change to protect those trafficked, and pray for ministries who are working diligently to fight human trafficking.

Donate to The Set Me Free Project at Or donate to
another organization committed to ending human trafficking.

Get educated. Find out all you can about human trafficking and then educate others.

Join a local task force. Find a task force in your community working to eradicate human trafficking or start one.

Talk to your local schools to spread awareness in the community.

Plan a local event to spread awareness of human trafficking. We are available to speak at events of all sizes.

Organize a fundraiser and donate your proceeds to The Set Me Free Project. Have a presentation at the fundraiser to bring awareness to the subject of human trafficking.

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